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August 2018

Candy Corn Cupcake Car

Fresh from the oven in 2010 The Wilks family and neighbors all worked to make this very sweet ride! Candy Corn Cupcake Car fun facts: Favorite place to ride? Burning Man 2010- 2018 Most Famous cupcake driver? Neil Young First… Continue Reading →

Peppermint Chocolate Cupcake

This cupcake has candy cane striped frosting over chocolate cake. Even though it’s just as soft as a the rainbow cupcake, it seems to get slightly less attention—which is fine, because it stays nice and clean. The car was built… Continue Reading →

Bao Car (豆沙包)

While not technically a cupcake or muffin, this car is also a type of dessert—sort of like a Chinese take on the muffins. It was originally envisioned as a red bean paste bun, one of my favorite desserts my grandma… Continue Reading →

Rainbow Cupcake

This one is a crowd favorite among the new additions. Though the colors certainly are bright, it’s not exactly clear what flavor rainbow is. The car was built on a Razor electric scooter, with a wooden base and pneumatic caster… Continue Reading →

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