The most asked question we get at the Maker Faire is “can we ride them?”, which always leads to one of us telling you to make one on your own. Don’t worry though, it’s not as hard as you might imagine, and you probably know people with the skills to help. To ask questions from experienced Muffineers, you can always join the mailing list.

The first step is probably going to be finding a motor and batteries. An easy way to do this is either to find a mobility scooter, or an electric scooter, but you can also find it somewhere else. It’s usually good to consider the additional weight from the cupcake that the motor will have to carry. If you got the motor from something too big to fit in a cupcake, you may have to build–or even weld–a set of wheels.

The muffin tin is made of multiple sheets of sheet metal, bent by hand and bolted together. This is strong enough to hold up the top, unless someone decides to jump on it (more likely than you’d think).

The top is made from fabric and chicken wire, getting its shape either from wood or drip tubing, depending on how violently you expect it to be hugged. It rests on top of the metal and may be hinged, although it helps to be able to take it completely off.